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Berklee Workshop DVD Series

Berk Wrkshop

Berklee Workshop DVDs are a great way to keep growing and stay creative by tapping into the energy and expertise of successful musicians. With each segment of the Berklee Workshop series, you'll get a 30- to 90- minute lesson on DVD with top Berklee teachers, alumni and visiting artists.

Each Berklee Workshop is hosted by Matt Marvuglio, Dean of the Professional Performance division at Berklee College of Music. Matt interviews each featured artist on their personal approach and successful techniques to performing great music.

About Matt Marvuglio

Matt Marvuglio

50449549_Creative_Jazz_Israel_75 Creative Jazz Improvisation for Drum Set: Featuring Yoron Israel
Improvise more creatively and develop your personal style of improvisation.  
Jazz Expression Jazz Expression: A Toolbox for Improvisation
Learn to develop your own style as you work with the building blocks of expression and articulation to craft your personal musical interpretation of a song.  
Harmonic ear 75 Harmonic Ear Training
A vital introduction to ear training for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians.  
Ultimate Practice Guide The Ultimate Practice Guide for Vocalists
Learn how to use your whole body to sing with more power, stamina and passion.  
Vocal Technique  Vocal Technique: Developing Your Voice for Performance
Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential.  
Basic Afro DVD Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms
Learn how to play and practice the classic rhythms of the Afro-Cuban tradition.  
Chop Builder small Chop Builder for Rock Guitar
Improve your technique, increase your speed and get your chops in shape for the intense physical demands of the rock guitar idiom.  
Rock Grooves DVD Essential Rock Grooves for Bass
Build your bass vocabulary, play with more variety and character, and learn how to lock into an airtight groove.  
Jazz Guitar: Modal Jazz Guitar Techniques: Modal Voicings
Bring new colors and voicings to your playing with these inventive demonstrations on guitar.  
Joe Lovano DVD Jazz Improvisation: A Personal Approach with Joe Lovano
Play ANY instrument with more spontaneity and feeling; relax and let your musical ideas flow.  
Jazz Improv Tomassi Jazz Improvisation: Starting Out with Motivic Development
Build compelling improvisations from just a few notes, with a method that's easy to understand and practice.  
Kelly  Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop DVD
This is the ultimate interactive experience for learning to play guitar like the pros. Use the multiple-camera-angle feature to zoom in to Jim's right or left hand technique. Features an interactive tuning session, CD-quality audio, and multiple language tracks.  
Kenwood Dennard Kenwood Dennard: The Studio / Touring Drummer
Learn how to find just the right groove for any session or performance.  
Preparing Concert Preparing for Your Concert
Preparing for Your Concert will help you hit the stage with the confidence you need and the professionalism your audience deserves.  
Career Guide DVD Real Life Career Guide for the Professional Musician
Learn how to network, adapt to different musical settings, take full advantage of opportunities, and more.  
ttdvdnew Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ (DVD)
Learn everything you need to craft your own phat beats and hard-core grooves on the turntable, based on the best-selling Berklee method for playing the turntable as a musical instrument.  

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