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ISBN 0876390769

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Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines

Learn the art of creating a solid fingerstyle funk bass groove.


Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this workshop will help you learn many of the bass lines and styles found in your favorite funk tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own.

Learn to:

  • Perform fingerstyle funk technique, including hand position, tips for muting, and getting a good fingerstyle funk sound
  • Play 69 solid funk riffs, set in both traditional notation and tablature
  • Develop your own funk lines
  • Identify the notes, scales, and chords used in funk bass lines
  • Listen and jam along with funk grooves on the accompanying CD

Each lesson contains several practice exercises, a funk song using the lines, and play-along tracks on the accompanying CD. Also included in each lesson is a section for you to write out your own bass grooves.

Groove with attitude and confidence. Take your bass playing to the next level with Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines.

Bassist Joe Santerre has performed, taught, and lectured internationally as an expert in contemporary bass techniques. Joe has performed with Mike Mangini (Steve Vai), Dino Govoni (Mike Pope, bassist with Chick Corea), Mark Walker (Paquito D'Rivera), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), among others and is the bassist for the Jon Finn Group and the Sal DiFusco Project. He is author of Rock Bass Lines and Slap Bass Lines (Berklee Press). He has released a solo recording, The Scenic Route, and plays on recent recordings Late September by Ross Ramsay and Vanishing Mist by Sal DiFusco.


"A cool way to learn fingerstyle funk bass technique. Check it out!"

—Rocco Prestia, Bass (Tower of Power)

"For any bassist who's tried to cop the funky lines, tone and feel from players like Jaco, Gary Willis, Rocco Prestia, Oteil Burbridge, and others, but can't seem to nail the right vibe, Joe Santerre's Fingerstyle Funk Bass is essential learning. It quickly and effectively trains the right hand—line by line, sixteenth note by sixteenth note, string by muted string—to do what these bassists have taught themselves to do over time. I can tell you from experience, it sure beats plunging into 'What Is Hip' as a teenager and wondering how all the notes could be right and still not have it sound anything like the recording. Joe knows why!"

—Bryan Beller, Bass (Mike Keneally, Steve Vai)

"From the beginning, this book addresses the most important components of funk bass: playing with space, time, and feeling—not just chops! Each section builds on concepts of the previous chapter, letting you learn, understand, and grow at your own pace. There's more, but I gotta get back to lesson 8!"

—Chris Loftlin, Bass (Brian McKnight)

"With his teaching pedigree, Santerre is comprehensive in his technical approach to Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines. He provides a strong theory primer, outlines the three basic techniques for string muting, and creates increasingly challenging examples that recall Prestia, Pastorius, and other masters of the idiom. Simply put, a good place for students to get a grip and let 'er rip."

—Chris Jisi, Senior Contributing Editor, Bass Player Magazine

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