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Preparing for Your Concert

by JoAnne Brackeen
Preparing for Concert

Preparing for Your Concert will help you hit the stage with the confidence you need and the professionalism your audience deserves.

Bring more freedom and creativity to every performance with the help of renowned pianist and Berklee professor Joanne Brackeen.

No matter what instrument you play, Joanne's practical exercises, warm ups, and practice tips will help build your playing foundation. Whether you're playing a formal set or improvising or going solo, this workshop will sharpen your performance chops.

Lessons include:

  • Building a foundation of confidence
  • Refining the Rough Spots
  • Improvisation Exercises
  • Improvisation Concepts
  • Preparing for Variety

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About the Author

Berklee professor Joanne Brackeen is widely considered one of the most inventive, accomplished pianists and composers in modern jazz. She has released more than 25 critically acclaimed albums, and performed throughout the world as a solo artist and bandleader. Her brilliant piano work has accompanied legendary artists like Art Blakey, Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, and Pharoah Sanders.

JoAnne Brackeen

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