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Kenwood Dennard: The Studio / Touring Drummer

by Kenwood Dennard

Kenwood dennard

Voted One of Top 5 Best Educational DVDs in Modern Drummer's 2005 Reader's Poll

Learn how to find just the right groove for any session or performance. In this workshop, you'll learn techniques that have made Kenwood Dennard on of the most in-demand drummers in the business. Learn how to get the most out of each practice session, how to internalize the melody, play melodic solos, and more! No matter what role you're asked to play, on stage or in the studio. Dennard will inspire you to bring more energy, expression, and variety to every performance.

Lessons include:

  • How to build melodic solos on the drum set
  • Adapting your groove to the artist's style
  • Setting up a good foundation for different drum geographies
  • Solfege techniques
  • The use of contrast, registration and orchestration

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About the Author

Kenwood Dennard, an Associate Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music, is widely considered to be among today's top drummers. He has toured and recorded with many musical greats including Herbie Hancock, Maceo Parker, and Wayne Shorter. Among the albums he has been a featured player on Sting's Nothing Like the Sun, and Miles Davis and Quincy Jones' Live at Montreux.

Kenwood Dennard


"Dennard draws on his 25+ years of experience to give you a ...full hour of drum clinics so you can learn at your own pace."

-Music Connection magazine

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