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HL #50449486
ISBN 0-634015303

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Blues Improvisation Complete - Bb

by Jeff Harrington

front cover

Master the art of blues improvisation. Learn to play the blues in several styles - jazz, Latin, fusion, and funk with step-by-step instructions, practice tips, and a play-along CD. Even if you are a complete beginner, this easy-to-understand guide will have you improvising in no time!

Learn how to:

  • Create killer solos using the hundreds of great licks included
  • Get the sound of the blues under your fingers and into your ears, so you can keep your playing fresh, spontaneous, and original
  • Improve your sound, phrasing, and rhythm through technical studies and rhythmic exercises
  • Increase your confidence as an improviser using the practice routines in every section
  • Jam in a variety of styles with the rhythm section on the play-along CD

Develop essential skills in reading, technique, listening, rhythmic syncopation, performance, and solo composition. Learn to improvise over 12-bar blues in all keys and bring your musical ideas to life!"


Blues Improv Complete sample chapter

About the Author

Jeff Harrington

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