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Get the musical foundation you need to take your skills to a higher level. Learn to read, write, really listenÂ…and put theory into practice every day!
Getting Inside Harmony 1
Use harmony creatively in your playing and writing. Learn to hear and modify chord progressions, improvise effectively from chord to chord and deepen your understanding of music's inner workings.
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Berklee Music Theory Book 2: Fundamentals of Harmony

by Paul Schmeling


Learn the fundamentals of harmony by furthering your music theory background.

When you can read basic music notation and recognize common scales, as presented in the first book of this series, Berklee Music Theory 1, you'll be ready to learn the fundamentals of harmony.

Berklee Music Theory 2 features hands-on exercises and ear-training activities to help you use chords effectively. You will learn basic triads and seventh chords, inversions, voice-leading, how to use chords to accompany melodies, and how to create melodies that grow out of chord progressions.

Learn to:

  • Interpret chord symbols so that you can create grooves, melodies, and accompaniments
  • Understand the harmonic building blocks of contemporary harmony, as used in contemporary, jazz, and popular music styles
  • Train your ear to distinguish between different chord types
  • Use different voicings to create professional-sounding harmonic progressions
  • Create singable, memorable melodies

The Berklee Music Theory series is essential for anyone who wants to play better, learn how to read, write and understand the elements of music, and create their own songs and arrangements. It is based on contemporary, jazz, and popular music styles.

"If you've been looking for a basic music theory book, your search is over. Berklee Music Theory is the 'go to' volume -;clear, concise, and complete. Paul Schmeling's explanations of the fundamentals of music provide a strong foundation for the aspiring musician, and is a valuable resource for teachers as well. Berklee Music Theory effectively integrates examples with exercises and ear training. This essential volume should be required reading in music schools and universities. Highly recommended!"

—Andy LaVerne, Jazz Pianist, Composer, Author, Educator, Keyboard magazine contributor.

About the Author

Paul Schmeling

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