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HL #50448049
ISBN 0-87639-052-1

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Stickings and Orchestrations for Drum Set


Discover a new world of drumming!

Expand your musical depth and bring new levels of power and speed to your drumming. Orchestrate sticking patterns into drum grooves. Open up and explore the fundamental rudiments, singles, doubles, flams, paradiddles, and ratamacues. Go beyond pattern concepts to make stickings flow smoothly into one another, so that you can better express your musical ideas.

Master drummer and Berklee professor Casey Scheuerell shows how basic stickings translate into drum set inventions and orchestrations. Technical explanations and extensive practice exercises with the play-along CD will help you make your fills become more vibrant and your solos more virtuosic.

  • Master the basic sticking possibilities
  • Increase your solo vocabulary
  • Transmit improvisational ideas from your brain to your drums
  • Develop fluid technique
  • Improve your sight-reading skills
  • Apply these techniques to rock, funk, Latin, reggae, swing, and blues

Drum charts included!


"A new and fresh approach to the drumset. It develops a technique that affords the player an effortless style for playing a very musical performance."

Vic Firth, Tympanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame, Maker of Fine Drumsticks

"Casey Scheuerell is one of my favorite drummers. His book Sticking and Orchestrations for Drum Set is a welcome addition to any drummer's library, regardless of playing ability. The systems presented here (complete with fantastic audio CD) are wonderful for improving drum set vocabulary—essential to gaining a creative and expressive voice on the drum set. I look forward to using this book myself. God bless, and happy drumming!"

Gregg Bissonette, Drummer for Ringo Starr, Maynard Ferguson, James Taylor, David Lee Roth, Santana, Don Henley

"Taking inspiration from his teachers Alan Dawson and Gary Chaffee, drummer/author Casey Scheuerell has crafted an ingenious system combining drum rudiments and contemporary rhythms whereby teachers and students can embark on a series of short-term study goals with long-term effects. This book will prove beneficial to the beginning as well as veteran player, providing each with a window through which disciplined practice will bring creative results. Bravo, Casey!"

Peter Erskine, Drummer for Weather Report, Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell, L.A. Philharmonic

"Casey Scheuerell is one of my inspirations in drumming, His excellence as a player and teacher are evident in his book, Stickings and Orchestrations for Drum Set. Whether groovin' the funk, swinging some jazz, or getting your hands together, this book will help you play better. Each exercise is a gem, a seed to creativity, with kickin' charts and a slammin play-along CD."

John Blackwell, Groovemaster for Prince, Patti Labelle, Justin Timberlake, P. Ditty

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