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Creative Jazz Improvisation for Drum Set: Featuring Yoron Israel

by Yoron Israel


Improvise more creatively, and develop your personal style of improvisation. Master drummer and educator Yoron Israel will help you enhance your improvisational language, and lead you to more musical, concise, dynamic, and structurally sound drum set solos.

  • Build solos that grow out of the groove
  • Expand your sound palette
  • Play with intention
  • Use the tune's melody and rhythms for inspiration
  • Practice improvisation using Yoron's unique, time-tested improvisation exercises

See a master improviser in action, and listen to him perform and then deconstruct his solos, tracing his inspiration back to mastery of drumming fundamentals as well as advanced improvising concepts. It's like a master class with one of the most respected drum educators teaching today.

Running Time: 51:26 minutes


"Yoron Israel is an important voice you should listen to."

—Jack DeJohnette

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