Berklee Jazz Drums

by Casey Scheuerell,

Contemporary Cello Etudes: Studies in Style & Technique

by Mike Block,

Contemporary Counterpoint: Theory and Application

by Beth Denisch,

Berklee Contemporary Music Notation

by Jonathan Feist,

A Manual for the Modern Drummer

by Alan Dawson, Don DeMicheal,

Guitar Sweep Picking and Arpeggios

by Joe Stump,

Mastering the Art of Brushes, 2nd Edition

by Jon Hazilla,

Berklee Guitar Style Studies

by Jim Kelly,

Music Law in the Digital Age, 2nd Edition: Copyright Essentials for Today's Music Business

by Allen Bargfrede,

Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Piano

by Robert Christopherson, Tim Ray, Ross Ramsay, Hey Rim Jeon,

Jazz Vocal Improvisation: An Instrumental Approach

by Mili Bermejo,

Classical Technique for the Modern Guitarist

by Kim Perlak,

Berklee Jazz Bass

by Rich Appleman, Whit Browne, Bruce Gertz,

Jazz Swing Guitar

by Jon Wheatley,

Contemporary Jazz Guitar Solos

by Michael Kaplan,

Beginning Djembe: Essential Tones, Rhythms, & Grooves

by Michael Markus, Joe Galeota,

Berklee Harp: Reading, Improvisation, & Arranging for Pedal & Lever Harpists

by Felice Pomeranz,

The Singer-Songwriter’s Guide to Recording in the Home Studio

by Shane Adams,

Metal Bass Lines

by David Marvuglio,

Belting: A Guide to Healthy, Powerful Singing

by Jeannie Gagné,

Arranging for Horns

by Jerry Gates,

Introduction to Jazz Guitar

by Jane Miller,

A Modern Method for Guitar – Volume 1 (Book/Online Video): Book with More Than 14 Hours of Berklee Video Instruction

by William Leavitt,

Bebop Guitar Solos

by Michael Kaplan,