Drums and Percussion

Double Bass Drum Integration

Integrate double bass drums into your beats.

Two bass drums give you more power, speed, and flexibility, allowing you to create new dimensions of drumbeats. These timetables and other road-tested exercises methodically introduce the double pedal patterns into your beats, helping you play them intuitively, and revealing the possibilities of double bass drums. You get access to 38 online audio tracks for download or streaming, using the unique code inside this book. This will ensure you understand how each exercise could sound. These pedaling techniques and patterns will be useful in help you to keep time, and playing solos and fills in jazz, funk, rock, world, and any style of drumming.

You will learn to:

  • Develop your double bass drum vocabulary
  • Build your coordination, endurance, and speed
  • Play power shuffles, polyrhythms, bursts, duple and triple feels, and other patterns and beats, down to thirty-second note subdivisions—and faster!
  • Practice strategically, getting the most out of the technical exercises
  • Perform etudes that reinforce the techniques and let you show off the potential of a kit with two bass drums
  • Add double pedaling patterns within the context of common beats—for two bass drums or other multi-pedaling applications