Music Smarts

The Inside Truth and Road-Tested Wisdom from the Brightest Minds in the Music Business

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  • Publication Date: February 01, 2009

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Razor-sharp insights from the music industry’s savviest artists, producers, recording engineers and business execs — Music Smarts showcases the creative brainpower that has made popular music the most influential force in modern culture.

Drawing from thousands of photographs and candid interviews with music industry personalities, Mr. Bonzai presents profound observations from those who have sailed the high and low seas of the phenomenal adventure of popular music. Whether you dare to attempt a career in music or are simply curious about how musicians do what they do, this handbook of in-the-trenches wisdom and inspiration is your ticket to music’s inner sanctum.

Compiled by the music industry’s notorious studio insider, Mr. Bonzai, and edited by Mix Magazine creator David Schwartz.


“You want to play music? You better read this book. You want to go on the road? You must read this book. You feel your songs are ready to record? You got to, got to, got to read this book. You want to be an artist? Suffer with this book!”

—Ray Manzarek, the Doors

“A deep and inspiring look at how the music world really works, presented with a great respect for the musician and the music.”

—Herbie Hancock, Keyboardist, Composer

Music Smarts lays out the music world in three dimensions and shows what it takes to make it at every step of the way.”

—Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys

“Mr. B. is the mother of all flies on the wall.”

—CJ Vanston, Film Composer: Best in Show, A Mighty Wind

“No book has come closer to the reality of a musician’s life. Actually, it’s almost embarrassing!”

—Mark Mothersbaugh, DEVO

Music Smarts is loaded with wisdom from some of the finest artists in the world. Reading it has inspired me to become a musician when I grow up.”

—Don Was, Bassist, Producer: Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt

“Mr. Bonzai got inside my mind when I wasn’t looking.”

—”Weird Al” Yankovic, Celebrity Accordionist


Mr. Bonzai

Mr. Bonzai is the author of the book Music Smarts: The Inside Truth and Road-Tested Wisdom from the Brightest Minds in…