The New Music Therapist’s Handbook: Third Edition

Learn essential concepts and practices for providing music therapy. The New Music Therapist’s Handbook has been an essential guide for music therapists worldwide since the 1990s. You will learn state of the art, data-driven approaches to providing care in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts. These practices are based on the most up-to-date science and experiences of thousands of patients and clients. Through detailed discussions of research and practice, case studies, strategies, and clinical approaches, you will learn how music therapy is a uniquely effective approach.

In this third edition, Dr. Hanser’s essential handbook has been updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in healthcare and education. It includes valuable information for both students and professionals, particularly in meeting the competencies of the Board Certification for Music Therapy and standards of practice for the American Music Therapy Association.

Included are:

  •  Comprehensive data-based approaches to music therapy treatment planning, implementation, evaluation, and termination
  •  The latest assessments and clinical/research methodologies
  •  Evidence-based protocols and practices
  •  Case studies, examples of clinical applications and research, and anecdotes
  •  Recent perspectives in neurodiversity, cultural humility, and mechanisms underlying the impact of music therapy
  •  Tools for self-care
  •  A contemplative music therapist’s journal

Manage Your Stress and Pain Through Music

Heal your body, mind and spirit using the profound power found in music.

This research-based approach to wellness will help you to feel better. Learn to use music to manage your stress and reduce your physical suffering, whether due to the everyday stresses of life or emotional and physical pain. Dr. Hanser and Dr. Mandel share uniquely effective music therapy strategies, learned from many years of research, clinical practice, and personal experience. The accompanying CD provides musical selections with guided relaxation and imagery to enhance your well-being. Includes a foreword, introduction and index.

You will learn how to:

  • Prepare yourself to cope with stressful and painful situations
  • Feel better, using music in research-based, scientific approaches to wellness that can complement and improve your medical care
  • Recognize the mechanisms and manifestations of pain and stress, and identify how music can be used to alleviate symptoms



Musician’s Yoga

Become a better musician through yoga.

By integrating yoga into your practice routines, you will develop a more focused and concentrated mind for performance. You will be able to increase awareness of how you use your body to allow for proper posture and ease of movement while performing, helping you to avoid overuse injuries and play with greater expression.

These concepts, exercises, and practice routines present yoga from the musicians’ perspective, focusing on the direct relationships between using yoga and creating music.

You will learn to:

  • Practice meditation approaches, breathing techniques, and yoga postures that will help improve musicianship
  • Play using healthy posture and technique
  • Get more out of your practice through improved focus
  • Use your breath to improve your phrasing and also to ease performance anxiety
  • Play with deeper expression through inspiration