Slap Bass Lines

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  • Publication Date: July 24, 2002

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Slap Bass

In Slap Bass, you will learn the fundamentals of playing slap (from traditional to advanced modern techniques), and learn to construct your own slap lines over original songs.

Professional Bass Certificate Program

Don’t just play bass; command your instrument with confidence in rock, R&B, jazz, and/or funk settings. Whether you’re inspired by Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, or any number of other great bassists, the commonality between them is their mastery of the performance skills and concepts taught in this program, including time, harmony, tonality, timbre, taste, scales, groove, and compositional techniques like tritones, pedal points, and double stops. Upon completion of the program, you’ll have gained skills to handle any gig that comes your way as a professional bassist.

Learn the art of creating a solid slap bass groove.

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this workshop will help you learn many of the slap bass lines and styles found in your favorite rock, funk, and jazz tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own creations.

Features include:

  • Lessons covering eight different styles, including rock, funk, and jazz
  • Play-along CD so you can listen and jam
  • Solid rock, funk, and jazz riffs you’ll use in these grooves and beyond
  • Exercises to help you develop your own slap bass lines
  • Strategies for locking in with the drummer and making your line groove
  • Tips for reading chord symbols
  • Tablature and traditional notation
  • Suggested listening of select recordings by master bassists

Each lesson in Slap Bass Lines contains several practice exercises, a song using the exercises, and play-along tracks on the accompanying CD. Also included in each lesson is a section for you to write out your own slap lines.

Groove with attitude and confidence. Expand your versatility, and take your bass playing to the next level with Slap Bass Lines.

“Joe Santerre has created the most comprehensive approach to slap bass on the planet! Step by step, the book takes you from basic to advanced technique using a logical, easy-to-read approach. From simple one-chord grooves to the odd time workout, the exercises in the book are interesting and musical. The companion CD is filled with groovin’ examples that bring the book to life, and reflect Joe’s command of the very latest slap styles.”

—Jerry Watts, Jr., Bassist (Andy Summers, Simon Phillips, Flora Purim, Dave Stewart), Bass Faculty, Los Angeles Music Academy

“This book/CD combo will get you off and slappin’ in no time. Progressing is a breeze because the patterns and grooves build off each other, and the CD examples are not littered with dialogue. Catchy grooves, like Marcus My Words and Silly, tie your exercises with groove instinct. You will feel like you’ve graduated when you put your knowledge to the test by writing your own grooves in the specified keys and time signatures.”

—Jim Hyatt, Editor & Publisher, Bass Frontiers Magazine

“A great method for teaching slap playing. I’ll use it with all of my students.”

—Dave LaRue, Bassist (Steve Morse Band), Columnist, Bass Player Magazine


Joe Santerre

Joe Santerre has performed, taught, and lectured internationally as an expert in slap bass techniques. Among his former students are…