Trumpet Sound Effects

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  • Publication Date: November 01, 2014

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Add unique trumpet sounds to your palette of colors.

The trumpet is capable of a great range of sounds, from half-valve and growls effects to percussion sounds and mutes. This book shows you how to perform dozens different inventive effects, with etudes that put them into musical contexts. The accompanying online recordings provide demonstrations of each sound effect and play-along tracks for the etudes.

You will learn to:

  • Perform essential advanced trumpet techniques such as circular breathing, and flutter-, double- and triple-tonguing
  • Master different pitch manipulation effects, such as vibrato, rips, and bends
  • Use percussive techniques, such as valve and slide clicks, mouthpiece pops, and bell bowing and percussion—without damaging your instrument!
  • Produce growls, wind sounds,
  • Use split tones and half-valving
  • Modify your trumpet with electronics and mutes
  • Build yourself a hose trumpet!

“This book delves into trumpet sound effects almost akin to using a prepared piano, or Zappa playing a bicycle on the old Steve Allen Show. The sections on circular breathing, split tones, electronics and utilizing growls, flutters, lip bends and everything in between, will definitely give students and professionals alike, other directions in trumpet playing to set their sights on. Well done!”

—Randy Brecker, GRAMMY® Award-winning Trumpeter


“Until now, there was no primer for ‘extended techniques’ on trumpet. This one is thorough and well mapped out. Even experienced trumpeters will find new material here. For trumpeters of any style and experience level, this book contains most of what they will need to expand their vocabulary through sonic exploration. May all trumpeters put these techniques to good use in the service of the music!”

—Dave Douglas, Trumpeter, Composer, Educator, Owner of Greenleaf Music


Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen is trumpet player, composer and educator based in Montréal. An active freelance musician specializing in jazz and free…

Ueli Dörig

Ueli Dörig is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and performing artist. He served as a musician in the Swiss Army, is…