Mastering the Art of Brushes, 2nd Edition

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  • Pages: 48
  • Dimensions: 9x12
  • ISBN: 9780634009624
  • SKU: HL50449459
  • Publication Date: June 20, 2017

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The art of brush playing has been largely unexplored in drumming technique studies. At Berklee College of Music, Jon Hazilla challenges his students to leave behind the methods and systems they have learned, and approach the limitless and challenging world of brushes. Far from a simple collection of diagramed patterns, this in-depth approach focuses on understanding the concepts behind brush playing before proceeding to the patterns and techniques involved.

By presenting the signature brush strokes in the style of such drumming legends as Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, and Elvin Jones, Hazilla encourages you to practice and expand their repertoire. You will learn to develop greater improvisational prowess, and explore and create new, personal patterns.

This landmark study is sure to improve your appreciation and ability for brush playing. It includes features such as:

  • 10 concepts for good brush playing
  • 31 patterns for ballad, medium-, and up-tempo playing
  • Rhythm table exercises for brush dexterity
  • Coordination exercises for time playing
  • Play-along online recordings with 34 bass-groove tracks
  • New to the 2nd edition, additional exercises for developing wrist technique and timing

Jon Hazilla is a professor at Berklee College of Music, where he has taught since 1987.

Mastering the Art of Brushes is a fresh look at the rich tradition of wire brush drumming. In simple elegance, author Jon Hazilla borrows from the masters to present solid fundamentals, then provides a path to creative exploration and ownership through a series of step-by-step
exercises. Well done, Jon!

—Casey Scheuerell

“Jon Hazilla has put forth a comprehensive and complete system for brush playing that, when combined with his broad and deep sense of repertoire and musicality, provides a solid tool for learning. He has my deepest respect as a drummer and human being.”

—Ralph Peterson

“For me, the art of brush playing completes a jazz drummer. This book is a must for not just the jazz drummer but for all who aspire to master the art of drumming.”

—Billy Kilson

“Jon Hazilla is one of the greatest drummers/musicians and educators in the world. Jon Hazilla has mastered the art of playing brushes. His theories, concepts, and techniques of brush playing
are nicely balanced in a traditional—yet futuristic—approach. I recommend this book to drummers of all ages and musical levels. These concepts are applicable to all genres of music. I incorporate many of the ideas from this book in my own playing. This book serves the drum community well.”

—Neal Smith

“Since brushes have the power to humble us, we are all lifelong students. This book successfully combines the history of brush playing with new ideas by a serious student of the instrument.”

—Jeff Hamilton

“Jon Hazilla is a great brush player, and all serious players need to be fluent with the brushes. Every drummer’s brush playing will improve through working on this material.”

—John Riley

“Jon Hazilla is a wire brush expert who has brought his concepts to Mastering the Art of Brushes. His ideas lend a new perspective to this important area of drumming.”

—Joseph Hunt

“I highly recommend this book to all drummers who consider themselves professionals. I will certainly teach my students from this book.”

—Mel Brown

“This is the most comprehensive book on brush playing I have ever seen. It is the only brush book I know of that allows for the development of one’s own style and improvisational vocabulary while staying true to the tradition of the masters. If you’re not sure where to hear these masters, there’s a great discography included in the book. The play-along material is superb—a fun and practical way to learn.”

—John Ramsay


Jon Hazilla

Jon Hazilla has performed and or recorded with Jo Anne Brackeen, James Williams, John Hicks, Billy Taylor, Aaron Goldberg, Ray…