Advanced Rudiments for Creative Drumming

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  • Publication Date: June 05, 2014

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Develop your creativity and command of the drum set.

Phrasing will help you expand your vocabulary using standard rudiments and exciting rhythmic concepts, making your playing more conversational, dynamic, and focused. You’ll first learn a core set of essential phrases that are the basis for all the exercises. Then, each of the fifty lessons applies rudiments and innovative stickings to the phrases to explode the rhythmic potential of standard practice routines. This process will give you a comprehensive drum set vocabulary that you can bring to all groove styles. Fifty-two minutes of video demonstrations and audio play-along tracks are accessible online for download or streaming, using the unique code inside this book.

You’ll learn to:

  • Translate standard rudiments into rhythmic phrases
  • Develop a vocabulary of essential phrases, which then serve as the basis for groove patterns, fills, and solos
  • Play with greater facility and power by applying sticking concepts
  • Translate these rhythms to a variety of grooves, including jazz, funk, and Latin
  • Speak easily and freely on the kit, expressing yourself with spontaneity and confidence

“Russ Gold’s Phrasing builds on the ideas of teaching greats like Ted Reed, Alan Dawson, and Joe Morello. In Phrasing, Russ presents a vast and progressive collection of sticking combination and marries them with simple rhythmic phrases to help students gain control of the instrument and to think more musically.”

—John Riley

“Russ has put together a great drum set concept that will make an excellent reference book for long-term study. My favorite books are those that I can revisit time and time again for creative inspiration and source material for building ideas. Good stuff!!!”

—David Garibaldi

“Russell Gold has documented a system that can help you learn how to play rhythms using a great number of approaches. These concepts will help you integrate the rhythms into the flow of your drumming and develop interesting, musical embellishments.”

—Steve Smith


Russ Gold

Russ Gold has performed and toured internationally with artists such as Gary Lyons, Johnny Colla, Seth Justman, Full Circle, Sam…