Berklee Guitar Songbook

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  • Publication Date: April 15, 2023

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Great songs don’t write themselves. They come from great singer-songwriters who equip themselves with the skills and tools to make the most of their ideas. That means reaching a level of vocal and instrumental proficiency that allows your songs to shine. In this program, that instrumental proficiency is tailored to singer-songwriters who play guitar. The program culminates with strategies developed by legendary Berklee professor Pat Pattison for writing the brilliant lyrics common to many hit songs. You’ll leave this course with an understanding of how best to create unified, memorable songs.

Learn some of Berklee’s favorite, most popular guitar music. This collection includes some of the most popular songs and repertoire taught by the Berklee Guitar Department faculty. The music is taught and performed in our Guitar Sessions summer programs, global initiatives,
online, and on campus.

By learning this music, you will experience a diversity of styles: classic rock, blues, country, singer/songwriter, jazz, jam band, funk, progressive rock, funk, classical, and contemporary improvisation/microtonal music. Each piece is selected and introduced by some of Berklee’s most popular faculty members. This collection will help you become a well-rounded player and prepare you to participate in Berklee’s guitar programs. Notation varies, depending on the style of the selection, and may include traditional notation, tablature, and chord diagrams.

You will learn to:

  • Expand your repertoire and stylistic diversity.
  • Add new chord shapes and rhythm guitar approaches.
  • Explore fingerstyle techniques.
  • Discover new scales and modes for improvising.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how chord progressions work.

Selections include:

  • “Hey Hey,” by Big Bill Broonzy
  • “Freight Train,” by Elizabeth Cotten
  • “Wildwood Flower,” by Maybelle Carter
  • “We Gather Together,” 16th Century Dutch
  • “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” by Lennon/McCartney
  • “The Weight,” by Robbie Robertson
  • “Apache” by Jerry Lorden
  • “Two Bones and a Pick,” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Contemplation,” by McCoy Tyner
  • “Watermelon Man,” by Herbie Hancock
  • “Vicki,” by Jimmy McGriff
  • “Summertime,” by George Gershwin
  • “I Think I’m Paranoid,” by Garbage
  • “Fade to Black,” by Metallica
  • “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” by Dickey Betts
  • “Diamond Dust,” by Jeff Beck
  • “Marchinha de Carnaval,” by Celso Machado
  • “Dolor de Amor,” by Frank Wallace
  • “Rockin’ in Rhythm,” by Duke Ellington
  • “One Note Samba,” by Antonio Carlos Jobim

“The Berklee Guitar Department’s commitment to diversity in styles and approaches has been integral to its success over the years and has been a benefit to all of its students. The Berklee Essential Guitar Songbook continues in that approach and is sure to be an important publication in music education, demonstrating the tremendous value of stylistic diversity in developing foundational skills in pursuit of mastery. The Berklee Guitar Department has proven that it has been a leader in what has been deemed essential in ‘all things guitar,’ and this book is no exception!”

—Terri Lyne Carrington, Performer, Educator, GRAMMY-Winning Recording Artist; Artistic Director of the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice, and Aja Burrell Wood, Scholar, Educator; Managing Director of the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice

“Learning popular compositions is a powerful vehicle to understanding harmony and how it can be used to make the most impact. This book has such a wonderful diverse range of material that I feel any player will benefit, no matter the style or level of skill.”

—Tosin Abasi, Performer and Recording Artist; Founder and Leader of Animals as Leaders;
“Top 100 Guitarists of All Time” Guitar World Magazine

“Amazing! This outstanding book is a compilation of lessons and advice from many of the world’s best guitar teachers, presenting diverse styles of music, helpful background information, and essential elements of technique. If you are looking for a guitar songbook that offers you an in-depth learning experience, this is the one!”

—Tomo Fujita, Performer, Recording Artist, Educator; Professor of Guitar, Berklee College of Music

“This book is a perfect example of the kind of resource I really could have used as I was teaching myself to play. It is a sampler, offering fantastic mini-lessons in an amazingly broad range of styles. The arrangements are at the exact right level of complexity to simultaneously offer accessibility, challenge, and satisfaction. The teachers’ commentaries on each song are wise and inspiring, making me feel as if I got to hang out with a seasoned expert at each style, who knew what to say and how to say it, both to contextualize the style and to help me grasp how to go about exploring it myself. That might include history, specific guitar techniques, harmony, phrasing, the importance of the various parts, the roles of variation and improvisation, step-by-step instructions for going deeper, and even listing the most important recordings, with an appropriately different balance of these elements for each song. As an entry point into a wide variety of styles, as an example of the fact that there are many ways to think about music with the trick being to find the best one for each song, and as a way to have fun while jumping outside of your own box, you can’t beat The Berklee Essential Guitar Songbook.”

—Tuck Andress, Performing, Recording, and Touring Artist, from the Duo Tuck & Patti

“A fascinating educational journey through repertoire into the world’s most expansive and diverse guitar program. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to study at Berklee, this new book will give you a rare opportunity to peek into the various universes of a broad section of the Guitar Department’s faculty. As someone who loves learning new repertoire, I look forward to diving into these pieces and seeing what new insights my colleagues have prepared for us!”

—Nir Felder, Touring and Recording Artist; “Rising Star Guitarist” 2021 Downbeat Critics Poll;
Associate Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music

“I’ve always enjoyed learning songs that introduce me to new styles and techniques, which this book does so well. With valuable insights into musical form, technique, tone, dynamics, reading skills, and performance tips, The Berklee Essential Guitar Songbook is a great tool for guitarists looking to gain further musical depth, and have fun playing a variety of songs, while learning essential skills along the way.”
—Brooks Robertson, Fingerstyle Virtuoso; Finalist in Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory Competition; Assistant Professor of Guitar, Berklee College of Music


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