Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar

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  • Publication Date: November 28, 2012

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Learn ten jazz guitar standards, arranged for solo guitar.

These performance-ready arrangements demonstrate different ways to interpret jazz standards and render them for solo guitar performance. Each includes a technical introduction from the arranger, discussing his motivations and identifying some of the defining aspects of each approach, such as the use of line cliché, harmony, song form, and modality. In learning these arrangements, you will gain insight into how to craft your own solos.

  • Ten jazz standards arranged for solo guitar
  • Traditional notation and guitar tablature
  • Technical insights and analyses into each composition and solo
  • CD with performances of each arrangement

Arrangements include:

  • Dedicated to You (Saul Chaplin, Hy Zaret)
  • Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love (Charles Mingus)
  • I’m Glad There Is You (Jimmy Dorsey, Paul Madeira)
  • In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)
  • Little Girl Blue (Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Lorenz Hart)
  • My Foolish Heart (Ned Washington, Victor Young)
  • My Romance (Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Lorenz Hart)
  • Out of Nowhere (Johnnie Green, Lyrics by Edward Heyman)
  • Stella by Starlight (Victor Young, Lyrics by Ned Washington)
  • You Don’t Know What Love Is (Gene De Paul, Don Raye)


“John Stein has written so much more than a great guitar book. This is a complete musical education: each piece has a history, a beautiful arrangement, an analysis of the arrangement, and a lovely personal story about it. This book is unique!”

—Jim Hall

“John Stein’s book is a great choice of material with some very special solo guitar arrangements. The book is accompanied by a CD on which John gives an excellent performance. This collection is further evidence of John’s ability as an extraordinary guitarist and teacher.”

—Kenny Burrell

“John Stein’s book, Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar, is an inspiring source for aspiring jazz guitarists. John’s arrangements are beautiful. And the insight he shares about his harmonic choices, as well as his explanations of the song structures and various aspects of the arrangements are chock-full of pertinent knowledge. Lots to dig one’s teeth into!”

—Roni Ben Hur

“These are all important songs for the jazz guitarist’s repertoire. Each arrangement has melodic and harmonic examples that can be learned for performing and ear training purposes. For example, in ‘Out of Nowhere’, John introduces a harmonized section using quartal voicings that could be considered a form of ‘shout chorus’, and he puts the melody in the lower register for a change of color—some ideas that can be analyzed and added to your arsenal.”

—Gene Bertoncini

“This is an excellent basic primer for jazz guitarists wanting to explore the richness of solo playing. Well conceived, harmonically sound, and easy to understand.”

—Mimi Fox


John Stein

Internationally renowned jazz guitarist John Stein was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri USA, where he took up his…