Jazz Guitar Improvisation Strategies

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  • Publication Date: January 08, 2021

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  • Solo over common chord patterns and progressions, such as two-fives, rhythm changes, blues progressions, and multitonic chord patterns.
  • Develop your fingerboard knowledge and facility, matching your guitar technique with concepts of improvisational theory.

Jazz Guitar Improvisation Strategies is a comprehensive, beautifully organized guide to developing fluency and mastery in improvising over a variety of harmonic situations. Steven Kirby provides us with a clear guide to the what, where, and why involved in playing a great solo. The musical examples are clear and detailed and there is a wonderful balance between technical concerns and artistic considerations.”

John Hart, Director of Jazz Guitar Studies at University of Miami; Blue Note, Concord recording artist; over 100 recordings as a sideman.

“In his book, Jazz Guitar Improvisation Strategies, guitarist Steven Kirby gives us an insightful look into the art of improvising over chord changes.  Steven’s detailed approach will be an excellent resource for any guitarist looking to improve their skills.”

—Tim Miller, Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music Guitar Dept, composer, recording artist,  author

“Guitarist Steven Kirby has decades of experience as an educator and player. He’s laid out many pragmatic strategies in his excellent book for building vocabulary and internalizing concepts. His goal is to assist the serious student to really be in the moment as an improviser, and he succeeds admirably. Highly recommended for guitarists of any level.”

—John Stowell, Guitarist, Origin Records recording artist, author published by Mel Bay, TrueFire, DC Music, Mike’s Master Classes

“Steven Kirby’s new book presents a vast array of exercises and ideas that will improve your jazz guitar improvisation skills. This book is an incredible tool for students looking to acquire an idiomatic bebop vocabulary. Start understanding how to make your melodies instantly reflect the chord changes while freeing yourself from box positions. If you are an improviser looking to expand your fretboard knowledge and your creativity, this book is for you. Highly recommended!”

—Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Award-winning guitarist, recording artist, author of four best-selling books on hybrid picking

“Read this book without your guitar in your hands, and you’ll have about a thousand palm-to forehead moments of revelation. Practice these exercises (every day!), and you will become a worthy contributor to the conversation of jazz guitar improvisation. Steven Kirby has been very generous in sharing his good stuff here. You will want to study with him; getting your hands on this book will effectively let you do just that. 

Jane Miller, Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music, composer, arranger, author. janemillergroup.com


Steven Kirby

Guitarist, composer, educator Steven Kirby (“a guitarist of rippling technique and a poetic mind,” Downbeat) is known for performing exciting,…