The Private Guitar Studio Handbook

Strategies and Policies for a Profitable Music Business

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  • Publication Date: June 02, 2014

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Teach guitar for profit!

This book shows you how to set up and develop a guitar studio. Besides the ability to teach guitar, running a profitable studio requires effective systems for attracting and retaining students, ensuring prompt payments, and handling of operations issues smoothly. This book will show you the essential considerations, from choosing a space (residential or commercial), to marketing, to specific teaching aids.

You will learn to:

  • Develop and outfit an efficient studio
  • Set policies to get timely payments and encourage student retention
  • Attract students who are likely to remain long-term
  • Develop an authentic teaching approach customized to your own students
  • Find multiple revenue streams from your students, beyond lessons
  • Avoid common expensive mistakes

“Whether you are an aspiring music educator or an established private studio owner, this manual is the quintessential text to take your business to the next level. Mr. McAdam has created a template for success as a private studio teacher with strategies and examples that will produce immediate results. Mike has shared his expertise with my students at Berklee College of Music for years. Now, anyone looking to pursue a career teaching music lessons can benefit from the knowledge and personal approach that Mike lays out in this invaluable book.”

—David Newsam, Musician, educator, and author of Making Money Teaching Music

“If you have what it takes to change lives as a guitar teacher, get to work. If you want your teaching business to thrive, read The Private Guitar Studio Handbook!”

—David Cutler, author of The Savvy Musician


Mike McAdam

Mike McAdam has taught guitar to thousands of students since 1994. He is director of two North Main Music schools,…