A Guide to Jazz Improvisation

E-flat Instruments

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  • Publication Date: July 24, 2002

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John LaPorta is a legend in the jazz community. A teacher of jazz improvisation for more than fifty years, his unique, straight-forward, and simple approach has become the standard by which other jazz improvisation methods are measured. This method will help you develop a natural and intuitive approach to improvising. A Guide to Jazz Improvisation is an invaluable touchstone for every aspiring jazz musician. A long and impressive list of famous and successful musicians have learned to develop their own unique style based on LaPorta’s approach.

This method includes:

  • Jazz theory with practical explanations and applications of the jazz language
  • Rhythm training with interactive call-and-response exercises on CD
  • Performance ear training with play-along and improvisation exercises on CD
  • Opportunities to improvise with a Berklee Jazz faculty band on CD.


John LaPorta

John LaPorta was a fixture at Berklee College of Music for many decades. He played a pivotal role in the…