Piano Essentials

Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Cadences

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Berklee Textbook
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  • Publication Date: October 18, 2005

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Beginning with basic concepts and advancing to challenging studies that will serve as a reference for years to come, this book will also help you to master the most common chord progressions in pop, rock, and jazz. Great musical performances are much more than the right notes at the right time, so you’ll also study dynamics and phrasing as applied to scales, arpeggios, chord progressions, and rhythm. While working with the exercises and a metronome, you’ll learn to practice effectively and develop control of the instrument to create musically exciting performances. Play-along accompaniment tracks and performance examples will help you apply your skills to a variety of contemporary styles. The material is based on Berklee College of Music’s Level 1 and 2 piano proficiency requirements and provides a solid foundation for advanced keyboard study. Challenging exercises in twelve keys will help you to:

  • Advance your performance skills and build fluency at the piano
  • Increase your speed and agility on the keyboard
  • Internalize common chord patterns
  • Improve your sight-reading skills
  • Memorize new material in less time
  • Improve your tone, dynamic range, and sense of rhythm

“This book is clear, well-organized, and indispensable to anyone who wants to play piano.”

—Stephany Tiernan, Piano Chair, Berklee College of Music


Ross Ramsay

Ross Ramsay is an active pianist, composer, arranger, and educator who has taught and performed internationally and also served as…