Making Music Make Money 2nd Ed.

An Insider's Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher

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  • Publication Date: March 14, 2022

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Generate income from your songs! Top songwriters know that to make it in today’s music business, you need to understand music publishing. Whether you are an independent songwriter or a music business entrepreneur, this book will help you set up a publishing company so that you can generate income from your songs. You will understand how the current music industry works: who is buying, what they are looking for, how to find your audience, and how to create the mechanisms necessary for you to get paid. Essential sample agreements and language are presented and discussed.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the major phases of music publishing: exploitation, administration, collection, protection, and acquisition
  • Create and run a publishing activity that’s the right structure for your needs
  • Develop systems, relationships, contracts, and related practices for monetizing your songs
  • Identify the roles of critical organizations and professionals that every songwriter needs to know, such as PROs, lawyers, trade organizations, and collaborating songwriters
  • Collect the different types of licenses and income streams your music can generate, including writer’s share, publisher’s share, mechanical royalties, sync licenses, and advertising
  • Plug songs in the modern music environment, customizing your approach for different musical styles and genres, such as hip-hop/R&B, pop, country, and rock
  • Understand how industry operators think, what they value, how they make decisions, and how they can help you develop your career

“An incredibly informative and entertaining real-world look at what it takes to be a successful music publisher. It’s written with humor in a way that is encouraging yet takes a clear-eyed look at the hardball nature of the music business.”

Steve Diamond, Emmy-award winner and six-time GRAMMY® award-nominated songwriter

“Eric doesn’t mince words. He gives an even-handed, artistic, and practical point of view on the best use of songs. It is a privilege to get his advice.”

David Frank, keyboardist, producer, songwriter, and composer of “Genie in a Bottle” for Christina Aguilera, as well as hits for Dream, 98 Degrees, the System, Steve Winwood, Annie Lennox, Chaka Khan, and Tupac Shakur

“Eric Beall has been a mentor to me in teaching all there is to know about the music publishing scene. This book gives you everything you need to know to get your music published.”

Howie Dorough, songwriter for and member of the Backstreet Boys


Eric Beall

Eric Beall is the Vice President, Creative at Sony/ATV Music. He was the former Creative Director for Zomba Music Publishing, as well as a songwriter and record producer.