Berklee in the Pocket: Essential Songwriter

Craft Great Songs & Become a Better Songwriter

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  • Format: Book
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 11
  • ISBN: 0-87639-054-8
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  • Publication Date: March 25, 2004

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Craft great songs and become a better songwriter.

The Berklee In the Pocket: Essential Songwriter is an accessible reference guide that will quickly lead songwriters to ideas that are at the heart of countless hit songs. The tips and strategies jam-packed into this concise guide will help you tackle writer’s block and gain fresh insight into the songwriting process.

Features include:

  • The 17 chord progressions that are at the heart of the most popular hit songs
  • Guitar charts and keyboard chords showing how to play progression in all 12 keys
  • Tips to customize essential chord progressions to suit your own songs
  • Contact info for businesses and organizations most important to the working songwriter


Jimmy Kachulis

Jimmy Kachulis teaches songwriting and lyric writing at Berklee, conducts clinics nationwide, and has helped thousands of songwriters develop and…

Jonathan Feist

Jonathan Feist is editor in chief of Berklee Press, where he has helped to produce hundreds of music education products…