Fiddle Tunes on Jazz Changes

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  • Publication Date: October 29, 2014

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Develop jazz solos using melodic fragments from traditional fiddle tunes.

These etudes show how melodic cells can be used to create extended improvisations. In each example, fragments of a traditional fiddle tune (“Turkey in the Straw”, “Arkansas Traveler”) are developed over jazz standard chord progressions. Each etude is preceded by a short introduction, discussing the development techniques at work. The accompanying audio tracks feature swinging interpretations of each etude, and provide play-along tracks so that you can practice each concept.

You will learn to:

  • Develop jazz solos using familiar melodic material
  • Create coherent improvisations built on melodic cells
  • Modify melodies to suit jazz chord changes
  • Fuse traditional fiddle music and jazz styles
  • Flow from the “groove” of American fiddling, to the swing feel of jazz

These fiddle etudes are also suitable for mandolin, banjo, guitar, and other traditional instruments.

“Of all the musicians I know, Matt has the widest knowledge of different non-classical violin styles. I had no teaching experience when he invited me to do master classes at Berklee, and he helped me find in my playing what could be helpful to share with students. So, I am happy to see that he keeps exploring and widening the fiddling possibilities with this book, which is a must-read for any violinist who wants to expand their knowledge of the instrument.”

—Jean Luc Ponty

“There has been a tremendous explosion of new musicians onto the scene in the past ten years, and Matt Glaser from his position at the Berklee College of Music, is a major factor in that new edition. By combining his knowledge of academia and his formidable violin skills, and then feeding these hungry minds, he has given them many new roads to travel. I believe that this new publication of his will extend that legacy, and be the missing link in the chain for so many, for years to come.”

—Jerry Douglas

“When learning tunes, the melody gives us so much information. Matt Glaser’s Fiddle Tunes on Jazz Changes is a wonderful and instinctual approach to acquiring the skill to improvise, through the practice of varying melodies.”

—Regina Carter


Matt Glaser

Matt Glaser is a fiddler, educator, and author, who has performed with Stephane Grappelli, David Grisman, Lee Konitz, Bob Dylan,…