The Contemporary Singer – Second Edition

Elements of Vocal Technique

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  • Publication Date: April 12, 2010

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A successful vocalist is ready for whatever the gig demands. This certificate program will develop your technique and skills in the jazz, R&B, pop, and rock genres so that you'll be comfortable with almost any set list you may encounter in the studio, on the stage, or on the road. Whether you’re a seasoned professional vocalist looking to expand your repertoire, reach, and/or opportunities, or an amateur who wants to sing more effectively, studying with Berklee’s renowned faculty will afford you an understanding of vocal technique across genres that is sure to prove helpful for years to come.

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Learn the vocal techniques of the R&B greats, including Steve Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and Beyonce. In this course, you'll gain the necessary skills to sing R&B in an authentic way, including proper phrasing, riffing, shouting, scale patterns, rhythmic articulation and much more.

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To thrive as a well-rounded vocalist, you need more than a great voice; you also need to understand the mechanics of contemporary music. This certificate program offers music theory (intervals, scales, harmony, etc.), ear training (time, rhythm, pitch using the solfege method, etc.), and voice studies (breath, technique, vocal care, etc.)—all knowledge that is tailored to you as a vocalist. With a strong awareness of what is happening in the music that you hear, write, and/or sing, you’ll be able to stand out as a more confident and capable musician and vocal performer.

Jazz Voice

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Voice Technique 101

Make your voice sound more powerful, use vocal technique to expand your range and expression, and learn to become more confident in vocal performances.

This best-selling comprehensive guide, based on the curriculum of the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music, is essential for every vocalist, male and female alike. Proper vocal technique can help prevent injuries, enabling singers at all levels to achieve good vocal health, maximize the potential of their voice, and extend their singing careers. Featured exercises instruct students on the best practices of professional technique, allowing them to gain more technical and expressive command over their instrument. The second edition contains improved vocal workouts and additional topics including performance anxiety and healthy singing.

Featured include:

  • An overview of the singing process
  • Tips for getting started
  • Posture, breathing, and tone
  • Discovering resonance
  • Belting and diction
  • Maintaining vocal health
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Improvising stamina, range, and sound
  • Microphone technique

The second edition contains new vocal workouts and additional topics such as including performance anxiety and healthy singing.

The companion CD makes this guide an ideal tool for creating a singing course for students of almost any age gender. Recorded exercises, for all voice ranges and types, allow students to practice the advice and tips discussed in the book. Students can practice technique along with lead sheets for such standard vocal pieces as:

  • Yesterday
  • I’m Beginning to See the Light
  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine

“Anne Peckham’s complete knowledge of voice and clearly focused writing creates a method that delivers quick and positive improvements at any level of singing. An indispensable resource for moving vocal skills to the next level. Terrific work!”

—Livingston Taylor, Recording Artist, Performer

“This book will help make things clearer for voice teachers and students who want to improve their voices. I found myself using the techniques discussed before I finished reading the book. It is a great resource for anyone teaching or coaching vocalist!”

—Kevin Mahogany, Warner Bros. Recording Artist, Advisory Board for Vocal Jazz, International Association of Jazz Educators

“This step-by-step approach, with clear explanations of just what the heck is going on in your body when you sing, makes for an invaluable, to-the-point guide for developing singers.”

—Jeff Thacher, Rockapella

“A virtual user’s manual for the voice. This book covers issues of the vocal anatomy and mechanism, tone production, maintenance, and techniques for practice and performance. The CD contributes greatly to the book. I will recommend The Contemporary Singer to all.”

—Charles Floyd, Pianist, Composer, former Musical Director for Natalie Cole, Guest Conductor of the Boston Pops

“An outstanding contribution to the art and craft of singing. Her book will not only serve performers, but also physicians and laryngologists who seek to understand techniques of singing.”

—Dr. Steven M. Zeitels, Director, Division of Laryngology, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School


Anne Peckham

Anne Peckham has made a significant impact upon the field of contemporary vocal pedagogy worldwide as a voice teacher, author,…