Tips for Singers

Performing, Auditioning, and Rehearsing

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  • Publication Date: April 07, 2008

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Learn the secrets to a successful singing career.

A perfect complement to books about singing technique, this essential handbook gives you the skills you need to achieve your full potential as a professional musician.

Learn to:

  • Develop stage presence and musical identity
  • Choose songs that showcase your voice
  • Understand musical notation and create lead sheets
  • Find the best key for your song
  • Rehearse your band
  • Choose and use microphones and PA systems
  • Overcome stage fright
  • Ace auditions
  • Write promos and generate publicity

“Carolyn’s Tips for Singers is know-how that works right now. The teacher’s teacher tells all. Thank you Carolyn for the insights. A great read.”

—Livingston Taylor, Singer/Songwriter

“Take command of your career! Tips for Singers gets to the core of essential skills beyond vocal technique, underscoring all facets of a professional singing career in a clearly written, all-encompassing format. Arm yourself with the tools to gain confidence and competence, and garner the respect of your fellow musicians. An invaluable complement to vocal study.”

—Leanne Summers, Performer and Vocal Coach (preparing singers for appearances on American Idol, Star Search, The Tonight Show, and more)

“Professor Wilkins’s excellent account is a must for all singers—professionals and amateurs alike. These are the necessary steps for improving your performance. Whatever your musical style, it will give you and your band immediate benefit.”

—Jetro da Silva, Keyboardist/Producer/Music Director/Arranger (Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Patti Austin, and many others).

Tips for Singers is a great resource for singers of any style. Carolyn Wilkins takes the singer through developing musicianship skills, rehearsal guidelines, and auditions preparation in a way that is right on point and easy to understand. It’s a wonderful reference book for singers to have.

—Jan Shapiro, Singer and Chair of Vocal Performance at Berklee College of Music


Carolyn Wilkins

Carolyn Wilkins is a Professor in the Ensemble Department at Berklee College of Music. She is an accomplished jazz pianist,…