Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singer

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  • Publication Date: September 19, 2022

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Take your singing to the next level! This collection of contemporary style vocal etudes and exercises will help you to develop valuable vocal skills for performing contemporary commercial music styles. These original studies will keep your practice routine fresh and challenging,while targeting specific technical goals to develop and maintain vocal skills. Online audio has demonstrations of the studies and allows you to sing along with accompaniment tracks. Listening recommendations and study songs in a variety of styles demonstrate how these techniques are used in contemporary singing.

You will learn to:

• Expand your range, improve your pitch control, and level up your vocal agility and stamina.

• Develop your tone, range, vocal strength, and agility.

• Improve your posture and strength with focused physical stretches.

• Master contemporary vocal articulations, as well as melodic riffing and embellishment.

• Sing with authentic artistic expression and incorporate storytelling skills.

• Practice holistic strategies for expressive, healthy singing.

Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singer is a companion to Anne Peckham’s previous publications: The Contemporary Singer, Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer, and Elements of Vocal Technique for the Contemporary Singer.

“Anne Peckham is a master of the voice. She provides simple, lucid, invaluable instruction for the difficult-to-describe kinesthetic experience of singing.”
Paula Cole, GRAMMY-Winning Artist/Visiting Scholar, Berklee College of Music

“This book offers real-world applications and info for contemporary vocalists! Many of the very things I practice are identified here. Anne’s book has awesome tips and tricks for vocalists to keep singing at their best!”
Lalah Hathaway, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Five-Time GRAMMy-Winning Artist,
Honorary Doctorate 2022/Berklee College of Music

“I find Anne Peckham’s newest book to be a lot like Anne herself: clear and concise, gracious, thoughtful, and extremely accessible. Those new to singing, as well as the working professional singer, are sure to benefit from the many expertly crafted exercises and concepts contained within. Get this book, and discover what your voice is truly capable of.”
Peter Eldridge, Vocalist/Pianist, Composer/Arranger, Founding Member of New York Voices

“Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singer is an excellent resource to help current and future singers make the most of their vocal gifts. I really appreciate the practical songs and exercises as well as the anecdotes from professional vocalists and pedagogical specialists. I love it!!”
Sarah McKenzie, Vocalist/Pianist/Composer


Anne Peckham

Anne Peckham has made a significant impact upon the field of contemporary vocal pedagogy worldwide as a voice teacher, author,…