The New Music Therapist’s Handbook: Third Edition

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  • Publication Date: December 07, 2018

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Learn essential concepts and practices for providing music therapy. The New Music Therapist’s Handbook has been an essential guide for music therapists worldwide since the 1990s. You will learn state of the art, data-driven approaches to providing care in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts. These practices are based on the most up-to-date science and experiences of thousands of patients and clients. Through detailed discussions of research and practice, case studies, strategies, and clinical approaches, you will learn how music therapy is a uniquely effective approach.

In this third edition, Dr. Hanser’s essential handbook has been updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in healthcare and education. It includes valuable information for both students and professionals, particularly in meeting the competencies of the Board Certification for Music Therapy and standards of practice for the American Music Therapy Association.

Included are:

  •  Comprehensive data-based approaches to music therapy treatment planning, implementation, evaluation, and termination
  •  The latest assessments and clinical/research methodologies
  •  Evidence-based protocols and practices
  •  Case studies, examples of clinical applications and research, and anecdotes
  •  Recent perspectives in neurodiversity, cultural humility, and mechanisms underlying the impact of music therapy
  •  Tools for self-care
  •  A contemplative music therapist’s journal

“This latest edition of The New Music Therapist’s Handbook is an exciting addition to the music therapy literature! Drawing on decades of experience as a clinician, educator, and researcher, Dr. Hanser incorporates her important contributions to holistic and integrative music therapy to offer invaluable assistance for music therapists and clinicians as they develop their music therapy skills. Music therapists at all levels will find it valuable.”

Barbara Wheeler, PhD, MT-BC; Past President, World Federation of Music Therapy and American Music Therapy Association; Professor Emerita, Montclair State University

“This book will leave you with a profound appreciation for the contributions that music therapists can make in a variety of clinical settings. Dr. Hanser offers guidelines for constructing successful treatment programs that emphasize the importance of integrating individual therapist’s creativity, experience, and personal values into therapy. An illustrative and insightful guide for all music therapists.”

Joan Vitello, MSN, RN, FAAN; Former President, American Critical Care Nursing Association

“Dr. Suzanne Hanser masterfully guides the reader through a compelling look at the thought process required to be an effective music therapist. This book is an essential part of a music therapy library for both new and experienced therapists. With clear explanations and engaging examples, the book truly captures the art and science of music therapy, providing readers the tools to develop and refine their music therapy skills throughout the entire therapeutic process.”

Amy Furman, MT-BC; Past President, American Music Therapy Association; Lead music therapist, Minneapolis Public Schools

“A must for all music therapists and anyone interested in this exciting and effective modality of care. Extremely well written, this guide reflects Dr. Hanser’s rich and extensive clinical experience. Students as well as seasoned clinicians will find this work to be extremely valuable.”

John McIntyre, MD, Former President of the American Psychiatric Association



Suzanne B. Hanser

Suzanne B. Hanser is chair emerita and professor of music therapy at Berklee College of Music. She is past president…