Flute Sound Effects

Beat Boxing, Circular Breathing, Fourth-Octave Playing, and Much More

Flute Sound Effects (Front Cover)
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  • Publication Date: January 01, 2016

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Add unique flute sounds to your palette of colors.

The flute is capable of a great range of sounds: buzzing and whistling, clicking and growling, and much more! This book shows you how to do dozens of different inventive effects, with etudes that put them in a musical context. The accompanying online recordings provide play-along tracks for the etudes and examples of each sound effect in isolation.

You will learn to:

  • Perform essential advanced flute techniques such as circular breathing, fourth-octave playing, and beatboxing
  • Use percussive techniques, such as tongue/lip pizzicato, clicks, and finger slaps
  • Explore sounds unique to isolating the mouthpiece
  • Master alternate fingerings and different types of vibrato
  • Create hybrid instruments such as the “flunette,” “flax,” and “flumpet”
  • Play pitch bends, harmonics, as well as wind and jet-whistle sounds
  • Sing and whistle while playing
  • Create electronic sounds and produce low B’s

And to perform many more effects!


“Ueli Dörig’s book provides you with all sorts of ways to extend your flute technique—whether merely for a fun little look at the ‘dark side’ of flute playing—or to incorporate into a professional avant-garde approach to the long-established conventions. Either way, you will find this a delight and an inspiration to experiment. Wait for a rainy day, pour a glass of something nice, pucker up, and prepare to surprise yourself!”

—Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

“Ueli Dörig’s Flute Sound Effects is a treasure trove of information for flutists seeking to expand their range of expression and develop their own unique sound. This book, while challenging, is fun, and provides the player with endless possibilities.”

—Nestor Torres, courtesy of AQUOS Entertainment Inc.


Ueli Dörig

Ueli Dörig is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and performing artist. He served as a musician in the Swiss Army, is…