Richard Grudzinski is an associate professor at the Berklee College of Music, where he has taught since 1985. He teaches arranging, music preparation and music technology/production courses in the Contemporary Writing & Production department. He is an active composer, arranger, and keyboardist.

Grudzinski has worked in almost every facet of the music business, including performance, composition, arranging, music preparation, and publishing. Before coming to Berklee in 1985, he was busy working in Los Angeles, where he learned the art of music copying from music copyist Bill Hughes.

Grudzinski has worked on many projects as a music copyist, including the 1983 Academy Awards show, several records for the New Kids on the Block, and many musicals such as Marty (music by Charles Strousse) and Seussical—The Musical. He also worked as MIDI editor/copyist for an audio book version of The Polar Express (music by Michael Moss), which was nominated for a Grammy in the spoken word category, and was a copyist for jazz composer George Russell as well as others, including Berklee faculty and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Grudzinski has also worked as an orchestrator/copyist on many projects, including the Huntington Hartford Theatre’s production of The Mikado.

Books by Author:

Music Notation: Preparing Scores and Parts

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