New Arrivals

Our most recent publications. Berklee Press publishes about a dozen new titles per year.

The Berklee Correspondence Course

Jazz Guitar Improvisation Strategies

by Steven Kirby,

Counterpoint in Jazz Arranging

by Bob Pilkington,

Jazz Duets: Etudes for Phrasing and Articulation

by Richard Lowell,

Modal Voicings for Guitar

by Rick Peckham,

Triads for the Improvising Guitarist

by Jane Miller,

Creating Commercial Music

by Peter Bell,

Conducting Music Today

by Bruce Hangen,

Creative Strategies in Film Scoring

by Ben Newhouse,

Hammond Organ Complete: 2nd Edition: Tunes, Tones, and Techniques for Drawbar Keyboards.

by Dave Limina,

Crowdfunding for Musicians: Using Kickstarter, Patreon, and More to Get Paid for Your Music

by Laser Malena-Webber,

Country Guitar Styles: 2nd Edition

by Mike Ihde,

Berklee Chromatic Harmonica Method

Berklee Chromatic Harmonica Method: Foundations of Jazz

by Thaddeus Hogarth,

The New Music Therapist’s Handbook: Third Edition

by Suzanne B. Hanser,

Songwriting in Practice: Notebooks, Journals, Logs, Lists

by Mark Simos,

The Craft of Songwriting: Music, Meaning, and Emotion

by Scarlet Keys,

Engaging the Concert Audience: A Musician's Guide to Interactive Performance

by David Wallace,

Understanding Audio: Second Edition: Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio

by Daniel M. Thompson,

A Modern Method for Guitar Scales

A Modern Method for Guitar Scales

by Larry Baione,

A Modern Method for Violin Scales

by Rob Thomas,

Arranging for Strings

by Mimi Rabson,

Berklee Jazz Drums

by Casey Scheuerell,

Contemporary Cello Etudes: Studies in Style & Technique

by Mike Block,

Contemporary Counterpoint: Theory and Application

by Beth Denisch,