Berklee Press primarily publishes books authored by faculty members at Berklee College of Music, though we sometimes make exceptions for other music industry luminaries who have ideas that are aligned with the Berklee curriculum and quality standards. We publish approximately twelve titles per year. If you would like us to consider publishing your work, please email an initial query to us at, with the title, estimated length (number of pages), and short description. If we think it has potential, we will then request a full proposal which should include:

  • proposed title
  • summary paragraph describing the content (up to about 150 words)
  • description of your intended market (level, competing products, and why you think yours would do well)
  • author bio (75 words)
  • table of contents (or detailed topical outline)
  • estimated number of pages
  • whether it will include audio or other media
  • sample topic (at least two pages), or the whole manuscript, if it’s done
  • whether it has been previously published, and if so, how many copies it has sold during what duration of time

Please send this information to If you would like to send a hard copy of a published book or complete manuscript, please send two copies to the following address, but we prefer electronic submissions. We will try to respond to your query with sixty days of receipt.

Editor in Chief, Berklee Press

Berklee College of Music MS-855BP

1140 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02215