Berklee Guitar Theory

by Kim Perlak,

Berklee Guitar Songbook

by Kim Perlak,

Berklee Violin Arpeggios, Chords, and Etudes

by Mimi Rabson,

Vocal Studies for the Contemporary Singer

by Anne Peckham,

New Standards: 101 Lead Sheets by Women Composers

by Terri Lyne Carrington,

Contemporary Etudes for Harp: For Pedal and Lever Harpists

by Felice Pomeranz,

Jazz Is Elementary: Creativity Development through Music Activities, Movement Games, and Dances, for K–5

by Darla S. Hanley, Allison P. Kipp,

Modern Jazz Theory and Practice: The Post-Bebop Era

by Steve Rochinski,

Violin Fingerboard Mastery: Contemporary Mapping Exercises and Improvisation Studies

by Jason Anick,

Making Music Make Money 2nd Ed.: An Insider's Guide to Becoming Your Own Music Publisher

by Eric Beall,

Hip-Hop Production: Inside the Beats

by Prince Charles Alexander,

Music Law in the Digital Age, 3rd Edition: Copyright Essentials for Today's Music Business

by Allen Bargfrede,

Counterpoint in Jazz Arranging

by Bob Pilkington,

Modal Voicings for Guitar

by Rick Peckham,

Creating Commercial Music

by Peter Bell,

Conducting Music Today

by Bruce Hangen,

Creative Strategies in Film Scoring

by Ben Newhouse,

Hammond Organ Complete: 2nd Edition: Tunes, Tones, and Techniques for Drawbar Keyboards.

by Dave Limina,

The Craft of Songwriting: Music, Meaning, and Emotion

by Scarlet Keys,

Engaging the Concert Audience: A Musician's Guide to Interactive Performance

by David Wallace,

Understanding Audio: Second Edition: Getting the Most Out of Your Project or Professional Recording Studio

by Daniel M. Thompson,

Arranging for Strings

by Mimi Rabson,

Contemporary Counterpoint: Theory and Application

by Beth Denisch,

Berklee Jazz Standards for Solo Piano

by Robert Christopherson, Tim Ray, Ross Ramsay, Hey Rim Jeon,